George Capaccio

Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking

Meet the man whose name has become synonymous with genius. Audiences will discover
Einstein’s very human qualities and follow the trajectory of his life from a lowly patent
clerk in a Swiss office to a world renowned figure, learning of his insights into the nature
of reality through interactive experiments.

Audience Limit: 200
Target Grades: 4–12
Duration: 45 minutes

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

2015 marked the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. George Capaccio’s one-person performance as Albert Einstein is a great way for audiences to learn about this extraordinary individual and the ideas that have revolutionized physics and forever changed how we understand space, time and gravity. If you’ve ever used GPS to find your way, then you’ve experienced the principles behind Einstein’s theory of relativity. George’s interactive show — Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking — brings the great scientist down to earth and makes his ideas accessible to young and old.

George has performed in many of Boston’s theaters, including the American Repertory Theater (ART). As a member of the cast in ART’s Alcestis, written and directed by Robert Wilson, George traveled to Paris to perform in the annual Festival d’Automne. For several years, he acted with the Museum of Science’s Science Theater, where he performed in the Planetarium as Galileo and in the Theater of Electricity as Nikola Tesla, in addition to acting in a play celebrating the scientific genius of Leonardo da Vinci. His original, one-person shows include a performance based on the letters of a 19th century English immigrant in Lowell, MA and a fictional monologue drawing from actual events during the first Gulf War in 1991.

George’s performing career includes working as a professional storyteller for audiences of all ages. For many years, he brought his love of stories and of performing to public schools in and around Boston where he worked as an artist educator for grades K-8. In recognition of his teaching skills, he was selected as a Master Artist Teacher by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

George is also a writer and award-winning poet. His published works include both fiction and nonfiction titles for educational publishers. He is particularly proud of the books he wrote for a science series. His most recent writing accomplishment is a series of hardcover books exploring aspects of colonial New England.


“In my three years of coordinating various enrichment programs, I have rarely had as much positive feedback as I did following George’s performance. . . His talent and teachings have certainly inspired and stimulated the ‘storyteller’ in our students.” — Janice Rounds, Cotuit/Marstons Mills Elementary School, Marstons Mills, MA

“George Capaccio premiered his one-person performance of Albert Einstein at the Walpole Public Library on the evening of April 6, 2015. He was outstanding! He kept a large audience in rapt attention, including some pre-teens, for more than an hour. He assumed the persona of Albert Einstein, Time magazine’s “Man of the Century”, recounting his youth in several European countries, his failed marriage, his Nobel Prize, and especially his “special” and “general” theories of relativity– all the while speaking in his native accent. He was both insightful and funny. One member of the audience came up to me and said we (the library) should have him back. And a youngster told one of the library staff afterward that Albert Einstein was his favorite person. High praise indeed. Needless to say, I couldn’t have been more pleased.” -Frank Quinn, Program Committee, Friends of the Walpole Public Library

“Albert Einstein came to life on the NewBridge(on the Charles) stage tonight! George Capaccio entertained the audience as Albert Einstein, inviting them into “his” home on Mercer Ave in Princeton, N.J, sharing stories about “his” life with reflection and humor. At the end of the performance, NewBridge members became participants in the story, asking Professor Einstein  questions about science and his opinion about unfolding world events in 2016. George’s answers reflected how well he had prepared and his ability to stay in character. It was an entertaining and informative evening!” – Carol Gallagher, Program Coordinator, NewBridge on the Charles, Dedham, MA

“George, The Warwick Arts Council wants to express its appreciation for your tremendous performance on Saturday night. You wowed them! The ideas, stories, accent were enchanting and really made us feel like we were in the presence of Einstein.” -Tom Wyatt, Arts Council Member

“George, I want to express my thanks for your recent portrayal of Einstein at our campus. This was a special event intended to supplement my summer physics course. As in past years, my students learn the basics of relativity theory. This summer, however, they were able to learn, through your performance, about the man behind this theory. It humanized the science and gave them a historical perspective on Einstein’s work, his personal story, and the challenges he overcame. This is something too often lacking in academic science courses. My students enjoyed your program and the opportunity to ‘meet’ Einstein, himself. They enthusiastically recommended we do this, again, for future classes. Our campus director, staff and older OLLI students also expressed their appreciation for attending what one participant called your ‘remarkable performance’. You, indeed, have an uncanny ability to draw the audience into Einstein’s study for a visit with this great historical figure. It was a moving story interlaced with Einstein’s humor and genius. Thank you, again, for contributing to my students’ education and a successful campus program.” – Dr. Howard Winston, Assistant Professor in Residence, Physics and Engineering, University of Connecticut – Waterbury

George Capaccio Einstein Performance Requirements

Single: $525 • Double: $840 • Triple: $1103
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