Dance / Movement

Afro-Brazilian Ensemble
This energetic program highlights three principal elements of Brazilian history and culture: music, martial arts, and dance. Master performers drum out rhythms steeped in history and brought into the present through artful interpretation.
Bamidele Dancers & Drummers
Travel across the globe with the internationally acclaimed Bamidele Dancers & Drummers and experience the celebratory dances, rhythms, folklore, and songs from West Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean.
The ancient art of Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dance. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word for “story”. Kathak dancers use swift and precise footwork and graceful gestures to tell traditional Indian Stories.
Illstyle & Peace Productions
With incredible energy and personalities to match, the dancers of Illstyle & Peace demonstrate that by perseverance and focus, you can reach your highest goals. Tracing hip hop dance styles from the late 70’s through today, this acclaimed ensemble teaches positive messages, including “Think It—Do It—Become It.”
Karim Nagi

Join Egyptian-American Karim Nagi on an engaging, high-energy journey to learn about Arab and Muslim culture through a variety of traditional instruments, folk music, and traditional dance. 

Li Liu
Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics includes demonstrations of hand balancing, plate spinning, artistic cycling, foot juggling, ribbon dancing, and the manipulation of Chinese water bowls and Chinese yo-yos. Students will get a glimpse of Chinese culture and learn a few basic phrases in Li Liu’s native Mandarin.
Mass Movement, Inc.
Mass Movement, Inc, offers in-school and after-school workshops and residencies through Young Audiences of Massachusetts with a focus on integrating dance in the classroom. In addition, they offer professional development for educators so that they can incorporate movement into their teaching practice.

Drawing from the techniques and traditions of various dance styles including classical ballet, modern, hip hop, and West African, Urbanity dance artists use contemporary dance to communicate a story of empathy, a story of partnership, and a story of emotion.

Veronica Robles
Veronica Robles dons an array of vibrant costumes, performs rousing dances, and sings passionate songs that bring Mexican culture to life.


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