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Richard McElvain & David Zucker in MathsAmazing


From famed “Shakespeare Guyz” David Zucker and Richard McElvain, comes a show about the wonder of discovery! This is math, not as an obstacle but as a doorway through which students can find a world that is fun, astonishing and inspirational. In this witty and surprise-filled theater piece in the tradition of Shakespeare Guyz and MythMasters, David and Richard invite their audience to dive into this sometimes intimidating subject as they might a soccer or video game. Using multi-media, puppetry, fun costumes, music and audience participation, they take students back through some of the great historical moments of mathematical discovery, including: Archimedes’ bathtub eureka moment on calPuppetsMelroseMathscalculating the volume of an irregular object, The Fibonacci Sequence, How to Get Rich on Pennies a Day with Geometric Progression, discovering how three brothers divide up 17 camels equally, Math Riddles and Paradoxes, Thales discovering the Law of Proportion by Measuring the Shadow of the Great Pyramid, and a little Abbot and Costello on Multiplication and Division.

Target Grades: K-8
Duration: 45 minutes

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“The show was terrific and really exceeded my expectations. The kids (all 190 of them) were truly engaged from start to finish and were participants throughout. I just can’t say enough positive things about the program.” -Sara Kilkenny, Hale School, Stowe, MA

Shakespeare Guyz

_DSC2232Through humor, costumed sword-fights, Elizabethan insults, and complete audience involvement, Richard McElvain and David Zucker bring The Bard’s genius to life. From hamlet’s grief over Yoric’s skull to the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet to an over-the-top version of Pyramus and Thisbe, David and Richard ignite an excitement for The Bard in the classroom. The Shakespeare Guyz challenge students to make personal connections with Shakespeare’s themes and realize the power of Shakespeare’s legacy.

_DSC2283Target Grades: 3-12
Duration: 45 Minutes

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Performance Requirements: MathsAmazing
Performance Requirements: Shakespeare Guyz

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Audience up to 300:
Single: $995  Double: $1,495
Audience of 301-500:
Single: $1,290  Double: $1,944
Travel Fee: $50/day
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Schedule one of David & Richard’s two programs and get a 10% discount when you bring in the other!


    • English Language Arts
    • National Poetry Month (April)
    • Shakespeare’s Birthday (April 24)

“The audience really loved the show. The Shakespeare Guyz were incredibly entertaining, and they really engaged our middle schoolers while also keeping the younger kids involved. I honestly can’t say enough about their performance–they were absolutely fantastic. – Mica Moellering, Head of Performing Arts at Charles River School in Dover MA.


David Zucker is an actor, director, playwright, teacher, and mime. He has performed thousands of programs for hundreds of thousands of children with Young Audiences since 1977, and is a popular guest artist with 6 other YA chapters across the U.S.. In 1996 David was chosen from over 900 ensembles across the country and honored with Young Audience’s National Artist of the Year award. Mr. Zucker is the author of two original plays and of the children’s book, Uncle Carmello. In 1987 David won the “Best Director” award from Dramalogue magazine for his work on The Little Prince, which has been performed in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and on tour throughout the United States. David has taught T’ai Chi since 1973 and travels internationally conducting workshops. He holds a 6th degree black belt in the Zen martial art of Shim Gum Do, and has a M.F.A. degree in Acting from Brandeis University.

Richard McElvain, an actor and director, has appeared in film (“Mermaids”) and television (“Spencer for Hire”), as well as on stage throughout the area for the past 20 years. Last fall he directed the critically acclaimed production of Peer Gynt at the Boston Conservatory. At the same time he appeared in the world premiere production of Israel Horovitz’s Unexpected Tenderness at the Gloucester Stage, where he frequently directs. In December of 1994, Richard staged his own adaptation of A Christmas Carol at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre. As an actor, he has appeared most recently at the Hasty Pudding Theatre and at the Huntington Theatre, where he was featured in Bang the Drum Slowly.


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