David Zucker is “Poetry in Motion”

PIM ShootPic1ADavid Zucker is an actor, director, playwright, mime and teacher who’s unique programs have been delighting, enlightening and inspiring audiences for 45 years. He has performed for over 1 million children in his career! David regularly tours the country to perform Poetry in Motion and Odyssey of the Mime for 6 different chapters of Young Audiences. He has been chosen from over 900 ensembles as a National Young Audiences Artist of the Year.

With actor Richard McElvain, David performs their original programs Shakespeare Guyz and MathsAmazing! David and Richard also originated YAMA’s, MythMasters program.


PIM ShootPic3PIM ShootPic5Poetry in Motion

Poetry comes to life in David Zucker’s masterful performance of acting, mime, vocal gymnastics, humor, audience participation, and a trunk full of costumes, puppets, and props. David’s irresistible cast of characters, recreated from the poems by A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, Langston Hughes, Shel Silverstein, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley, are not to be missed.

PIM ShootPic4 PIM ShootPic2Target Grades: K-12
Audience Limit: 300
Duration: 45-60 minutes


A.A. Milne, Mozart, Mime, and Rap, Performed by David Zucker of “Poetry In Motion.”
Poem: The Raggedy Man
Excerpt: Poetry in Motion
“Which brings us to the end of our program”

English, Language Arts, Poetry,
National Poetry Month (April) Physical Education, Theater

Odyssey of the Mime

photo 1Mime knows no barriers of language or culture. Performing in traditional whiteface, David Zucker’s internationally recognized improvisational performance draws students into his world, where they become eager participants rather than mere observers. With a cornucopia of imaginary props, walls arise from nowhere, ladders leap to impossible heights, fish can fly, birds can swim, and anything is likely to happen!

Target Audience: K-12
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 300

PRICING (performance/day)
Single: $875   Double: $1,395   Triple: $1,973   Quad: $2,349
Travel Fee: $50 per day
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Performance Requirements: Poetry in Motion & Odyssey of the Mime

Educational Materials: Poetry in Motion K-5
Educational Materials: Poetry in Motion 6-12
Educational Materials: Odyssey of the Mime K-5
Educational Materials: Odyssey of the Mime 6-12

David Zucker is an actor, director, playwright, teacher, and mime. He has performed thousands of programs for hundreds of thousands of children with Young Audiences since 1977, and is a popular guest artist with 6 other YA chapters across the U.S.. In 1996 David was chosen from over 900 ensembles across the country and honored with Young Audience’s National Artist of the Year award. Mr. Zucker is the author of two original plays and of the children’s book, Uncle Carmello. In 1987 David won the “Best Director” award from Dramalogue magazine for his work on The Little Prince, which has been performed in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and on tour throughout the United States. David has taught T’ai Chi since 1973 and travels internationally conducting workshops. He holds a 6th degree black belt in the Zen martial art of Shim Gum Do, and has a M.F.A. degree in Acting from Brandeis University.

“I didn’t realize that poetry could be so action-filled, exciting or beautiful. I like the way you made us feel that poetry is fun to do.”
-4th Grade Student, Bedford, MA

“He was so funny my stomach hurt! Your ability to share poetry in such a dynamic fashion is truly incredible!”
-Teacher, Needham, MA

“It’s the first time I’ve gotten a thank you note from a teacher [for having brought in a performance].”
-Enrichment Coordinator, Newton, MA

“Never before have the children paid such rapt attention or been so enthralled by a performer”
-Teacher, Sharon, MA

“The entire school resonated with your presence. Your performance lifted us and brought us all together.”
-Lynne Stinson, Principal, Georgetown

“I knew we had a hit when, at the end of the show, the most demanding teacher leapt to her feet and started making thumbs up signs across the auditorium”
-Laura Tringali, Enrichment Coordinator, Brewster, NY

“This is the kind of performance that truly brings something extraordinary to our school community. I was walking on a cloud when I left.”
-Hamilton Salsich, Pine Point School, CT

“David is a rare talent. He WAS poetry in motion…a brilliant show. I called my colleagues and told them this was a performance not to be missed.”
-Miriam Kronish, Principal, Needham, MA

“The students have never been as involved or as in tune with a performer.
-Enrichment Coordinator, Whitman, MA

“Supurb! Fantastic! Wonderful! Mr. Zucker is truly a creative, talented artist.
-Parent, Lawrence, MA

Check David’s schedule on our Preview Opportunity listings, updated every Friday. If you see a day on which David has a morning or an afternoon performance at a school near you, reference this offer to bring him to your school during his free slot that day for a 20% discount on program fees!

Available Wednesdays – Fridays