Gideon Freudmann

A visiting artist, Gideon Freudmann offers an instrument demonstration of the acoustic and electric cello, and teaches students about the science of sound in his S.T.E.A.M. music program, and offers cello master classes for student musicians.


Gideon Fruedmann performs cello and sound science S.T.E.A.M. programs for school assemblies in Massachusetts.

CelloBop is a whirlwind 500-year history of the cello – its past, present, and future. Gideon combines excerpts from various periods for the cello repertoire with explanations about its construction and tone. He demonstrates how the conventional acoustic instrument is played, then wows students when he plugs in his futuristic electric cello, showing how it can create an even wider range of sounds and styles. CelloBop includes classical, blues, swing, jazz, rock, bluegrass, and spontaneously improvised music.

Performance Length:
45-60 minutes
Audience Limit:
Target Grades:
Pre-K – 12

Sound Science

Sound Science is a S.T.E.A.M. program exploring both music and the scientific properties of sound. Demonstrating the tonal qualities of both the acoustic and electric cellos, Gideon explains the mathematical aspects of music such as how music is divided into beats, measures and phrases, and acoustic qualities including sound vibrations, pitch, and timbre. Using the electric cello and real-time digital effects, he shows how notes can be echoed, repeated, distorted, and augmented in many exciting and unexpected ways.

Performance Length: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 
Target Grades 
2- 12

Master Class for String Players

Gideon Freudmann offers instrument demonstrations of the cello and electric cello and a S.T.E.A.M. program on sound science for Massachusetts schools. Gideon Freudmann leads string players (violin, viola, cello, and bass) through a series of musical exercises and games in this non-traditional approach to making music.

Master Class Length: 45-60 minutes
Participants: 20 students
Price: $125 per master class

PRICING (performance/day)
Single: $588   Double: $941   Triple: $1,235   Quad: $1,470
Travel Fee: $50 per day
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Gideon Freudmann Performance Requirements
Gideon Freudmann Workshop Requirements

Educational Materials: Sound Science
Educational Materials Cello Bop

Robin Hood Changes His Oil (Music Video)


Folk, Blues and Jazz Cello – composer, songwriter, improviserComposer and electric cellist Gideon Freudmann enjoys an international reputation for his innovative compositions and unique style of playing. His art is inspired by the best of classical, modern, jazz, and blues traditions, and his music is both immediately accessible and richly detailed in its nuance and complexity. His music has been featured on NPR, This American Life and he was a TEDtalk speaker. He recently released his 19th CD, a duo album for cello and mandolin. Gideon composes music for theatre, film and dance, and he also performs live soundtracks for classic silent films. He has produced 19 CDs, his newest is a cello/mandolin duet album entitled, Magnetic West. The Boston Globe said of him, “Taking a modern artist’s approach to the four-stringed instrument, Gideon Freudmann has brought the cello to a new realm.”


Of Note
– Recorded and produced 17 CDs of original music
– Music used on radio shows: All Things Considered, Car Talk, This American Life, Dr Demento
– Music used on TV shows: Weeds, Good Morning America
– Featured at Montreal International Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival of Prague, and New Directions Cello Festival
– Composed Soundtracks for several Silent Films and in the documentary, Buck
– Composed Sountrack for award winning short film, Denmark
– Performed throughout US, Canada and in Czech Republic, Australia and Taiwan
– Wrote Tunebook for Cello and composed several String Ensembles
– Held artist-in-residencies at universities throughout the US
– Interviewed on NPR’s Weekend Edition
For more information on Gideon Freudmann, please consult his website:



“Taking a modern artist’s approach to the four-stringed instrument, Gideon Freudmann has brought the cello to a new realm. His latest album is a dreamy cinematic tour-de-force!” – The Boston Globe

“Gideon Freudmann is a talented, experimental cellist that got the ear of producers from NPR’s All Thing’s Considered. There is sense of humor, a spirit of eclectic adventure and mastery of classic and jazz forms in these pieces. This fusion of talent and experiment makes for a peerless and unforgettable collection of gems.
– Perfect Sound Forever

“Sharp, witty, prolific, talented” -Maine Public Radio


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