Healing Arts

Nemc girl w instrument_frota LRHealing Arts for Kids

Healing Arts for Kids provides residencies, workshops, and performances for acutely and chronically ill children, physically and cognitively challenged children, disadvantaged children, and special education populations in schools, hospital schools, hospitals, and homeless shelters. Our trained, professional teaching artists provide experiences in the arts that:

  • initiate artistic, social, cultural, and academic engagement
  • facilitate creativity, imagination, empowerment, and laughter
  • cultivate feelings of hope, often hidden when children are critically ill, faced with crisis, or chronic dysfunction
  • provide distraction from discomfort and pain
  • initiate connections among children, families, artists, and staff through programs that foster education and wellbeing

For more information, contact Gail Zarren at gzarren@yamass.org or (617) 629-9262 ext: 304