Historical Perspectives

Historical Perspectives performances are scripted, 45-minute historical dramas in which one actor portrays an influential and inspiring character from history, from early childhood through major career achievements. Performances incorporate pictures and audio and end with actors stepping out of character to answer student questions. All material created by Joan Schaeffer.

Benjamin Franklin – Statesman, Inventor

Ben 2Meet the uniquely fascinating entrepreneur, inventor and founding father. With humor and drama, Ben shows his youthful days as a compulsive reader with a hungry mind, his tremendously successful rise through the printing trade, his scientific experiments and his triumphs as an inventor of items as diverse as bifocal glasses and swim fins. He demonstrates the spirit and industriousness that lead to American’s first circulating library and innovated postal service, and relives his elder days as a revolutionary who helps craft our founding documents. Ben’s story will ignite the natural curiosity of all students and challenge them to ask, “Why?” “What if?” and “What can I do to make a difference?” This performance can be tailored for older or younger audiences.

Target Grades: K-8
45 Minutes
Audience Limit:
 300 students
Benjamin Franklin Performance Requirements

(all HPC programs, performance/day)
Single: $530 Double: $750 Triple: $985 Quad: $1,220
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Note: Pricing may vary for weekends and after-school time

Note: HPC programs are available October-November,  2016 and January-May, 2017.

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