Karim Nagi

Karim Nagi performs an Arab dance, Arab music and Arab culture program for school assemblies in Massachusetts

Karim Nagi performs an Arab dance, Arab music and Arab culture program for school assemblies in Massachusetts


Egyptian-American Karim Nagi helps to introduce students to Arab dance and Arab music in a high-energy performance featuring exciting traditional dances, and soulful folk music played on a variety of traditional instruments. Karim uses authentic costumes, maps, Arabic language, lots of audience participation, and humor, as he enlightens his audience about a captivating world beyond the headlines. Students will clap unique rhythms, dance, and celebrate as they learn about these ancient cultural traditions. A former faculty member of the New England Conservatory of Music, Karim now performs nationwide to great acclaim with the SHARQ Arabic Music Ensemble. He is a master percussionist and Arab dancer who likes to have fun with his audience!

Target Grades: K-12
Audience Limit:
300 (flexible)
 45-60 minutes

Artist Profile Video: Karim Nagi, Arab Musician and Folklorist
Dabke Rythmatiq

Karim Nagi performs Arab Dance and Arab Music for school assemblies.

Karim Nagi performs Arab Dance and Arab Music for school assemblies.

PRICING (performances/day)
Single: $624  Double: $998  Triple: $1,310  Quad: $1,559
Travel Fee: based upon mileage (see map below)
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

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Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian drummer, DJ, and folk dancer. He is the creator of Turbo Tabla, and has released two internationally distributed CDs of this unique brand of Arab House/Electronica music using acoustic instruments. Karim has authored instructional DVDs for the Tabla/Doumbek and Riqq tambourine, as well as two rhythm compilation CDs. He is also well versed in the ultra-traditional styles of Arab music and Arab dance as the leader of the Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble, and the Arab Dance Seminar. Karim performs and teaches Tahteeb Cane Dance, Dabka Line Dance, and Zikr Sufi Dance. He taught at the New England Conservatory of Music for 5 years, and has lectured and presented at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Bowdoin, Princeton, Stanford, William & Mary, and several Community Colleges.He has recorded music for Bellydance Superstars, Bellyqueen, and the Bellytwins, as well as mainstream artists like Alicia Keys, and The Urban Griot Project. His performances boast a dynamic concoction of live drumming and Arab dance, done in unison. Because of his proficiency in both music and dance, his workshops deliver students to a new physical understanding of the connection between these two disciplines. As a dance and drum teacher, Karim has taught in nearly all major bellydance festivals in the United States and Cairo, as well as all major Arab Culture festivals in the USA. Karim Nagi is a true crossover artist, uniting the Cabaret and Tribal, Traditional and the Modern, the Ethnic and the Urban.


“Karim captivated the entire school. I’ve never heard as many positive reviews from teachers and students to any act we have booked!  Karim was a one-man wonder.”
-Susan Kremer, Pennfield School, Portsmouth, RI

“I just wanted to follow up and tell you how much our school community enjoyed Karim Nagi’s performances! I’ve had excellent feedback all around – from administrators, teachers, and students. Karim hit the right tone for each age group and engaged the audiences extremely well. Karim was a true professional. He made the material accessible to our students. I was so pleased to see students approaching him after the show to ask questions! Teachers came up to me to say things like “best ever” and “grand slam” and “couldn’t have been more perfect for our students.” I am so very grateful to Karim and to Young Audiences for giving us this gift of art, music and culture!”
-Amy Smack, Carlisle Public School Curriculum Enrichment Committee 

“Just wanted to express ​how impressed the students and faculty were with Karim’s presentation today.  Faculty were giving thumbs up my way before his program had even ended!  Karim is a highly skilled performer/educator who’s presentation was impeccably engaging for all of our grade levels.  His message is one that will thankfully stick with our students for years to come due to his inspiring visit.”
Melodie Jeffery-Cassell, Dance Teacher and Assembly Coordinator, Glen Urquhart School, Beverly

“I think I now know not to just look to the news to tell me what is happening around the world. In order to really experience what everyday life is like in places with a “bad reputation,” I should listen to something similar to what we just heard.
– Cleo, grade 7 student, Derby Academy, Hingham

“One take away was that there is a lot about the Arab World I didn’t know.” – Graham, grade 7 student, Derby Academy, Hingham

“I learned about the Arab world more. I didn’t really know much about where he came from other than that there were terrorists there. – Sophia, grade 7 student, Derby Academy, Hingham

“Here in America so many people consider all Muslims to be terrorists. Karim clearly explained that of course not every Muslim is a terrorist and that many Muslims enjoy the same things that we do. I understood what he meant. I really liked hearing him play his instruments.” – Angie, grade 7 student, Derby Academy, Hingham

“I really liked yesterday’s performance. I enjoyed how he played all different kinds of traditional instruments and explained how he played them. I also enjoyed how he would dance as he played the music. He was very interesting and I hope that we can see someone like him again.” – Ellie, grade 7 student, Derby Academy, Hingham

“I took away from the performance that we should try to look at the positive things of other countries and religions because some countries have really cool things that no really knows.”
– Michaela, 7th grade student, Derby Academy, Hingham

Currently available November 27 – December 15, 2017 and January 8-12, 2018.
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