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World of Wonder


Leland Faulkner’s World of Wonder stimulates students’ imaginations through shadow-theater, illusion, and characters from around the world. Coming from an international background, Leland has created a multi-cultural theatrical program that is both sophisticated and accessible. Join Leland in exploring the source and properties of shadow, and the myriad possibilities in a single sheet of paper. Laugh at the classic humor of Nasruddin, the wise fool of the Muslim world, as he encounters an invisible chicken. Imagine a hat brim that is impossibly twisted into an infinite number of objects, marvel at paper butterflies that appear to dance and multiply, and explore the possibilities of light and shadow as Leland creates a menagerie of silhouettes with only his hands. Physical theater, classical conjuring, and creative storytelling create a performance that has been hailed internationally as a theatrical feast.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 300
Target Grades: K-12

Visions of Peace (NEW!)

The-Heart-of-Glass-webAll cultures have the common ability to learn from one-another, and to dream.” In Visions of Peace, master illusionist, dramatist and world-traveler, Leland Faulkner, artfully illuminates stories about dreaming for a better world. In the old German folktale, The Heart of Glass, a miser who has been cursed for cheating an old woman, goes on a quest to regain his ability to feel compassion. In another tale, origami is used to illustrate the magic of paper, and the story of Sadako, a young Japanese girl victimized by the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima. She vows to fold 1,000 paper cranes as a prayer for peace. Today, children around the world send their cranes in tribute to Sadako and her vision. Another story features mysterious feast, bowls fill themselves magically with food and water as hunger and thirst fade into memory.

Duration: 45 minutes (2 stories) – 60 minutes (3 stories)
Audience Limit: 300
Target Grades: K-12

Post-Performance WorkshopLelandWithKidsPikeShowcase2013

Bring Leland into your classroom for an energetic, transformative, and fun workshop. Students will focus on creating physical theater using movement techniques and improvisation to gain specific skills to bring theatrical ideas to life.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Participants: 30 students
Target Grades: 3-12

PRICING (performances/day)
45-Min.: Single: $588 Double: $941 Triple: $1,235 Quad: $1,470
60-min.: Single: $695 Double: $1,112 Triple: $1,460 Quad: $1,738
Workshops: $125 each
Travel Fee: $100 per day
Note: Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time

Leland Faulkner Performance Requirements

Imagination Kit and Study Guide

World of Wonder

Who is Leland Faulkner? From an early age, Leland was exposed to a wide range of ethnic cultures. Born in Afghanistan to American Indian parents, one of his earliest memories is being placed on the foot of a gargoyle in the ruins of ancient Persepolis. He spent seven years on the coast of Tanzania, East Africa, has traveled to Asia an Europe, and credits the global community with stimulating his love for theatre. His exploration of the moving image and theatre has led him into mime, magic and myth as he has sought new and intriguing ways of expressing idea and story.
Beginning with movement theatre and evolving through new vaudeville and performance art, Leland was trained in the old world tradition of master and apprentice. He is a professionally trained film maker, mime, actor, and director. Leland studied with a variety of distinguished teachers including Tony Montanaro, Jacques Lecoq, and theatre masters from Italy and Japan. Leland received a Bachelor of Arts degree in film making from the Brooks Institute, in Santa Barbara, California, and continues to work on film and media projects. On the performance level, Leland has been a touring artist for over twenty years. He has performed throughout the United States, and has taught and performed at theatre festivals, in cultural exchange programs, for corporate sponsors, in commercial work, in theaters and schools.About the Performance
With a vision dedicated to the necessity of make-believe and the ability of theatre to be a universal art Leland continually searches for entertaining and meaningful theatre. His theatre productions have gained acclaim both at home and abroad. Paper becomes filled with movement and mystery, as origami butterflies appear to dance and multiply, or shadows seem imbued with a life of their own in an astonishing exploration of light manipulated with just a pair of hands.His creative theatre, provides a unique entertaining event that gives audiences a new look at ancient arts. By presenting material that allows the spectator to enter into dreams with the actor, Leland Faulkner’s World of Wonder enables his audiences to walk away with visions of their own.


LelandBazaarFor the performing artist, literature does not just exist on the page, it exists in the imagination. Reading something fantastic and mentally engaging, can inspire the ability to write well, with clarity, and imagination. Watching a story or character come to life on stage can also instill the desire to express ideas eloquently.

In particular, as an artist I celebrate literacy by researching and reading classic stories, writing original ones, devising original solutions for bringing them to the stage or screen, and finally sharing these live performances and films with others. This requires a good academic tool set.

 These  tools include not just writing, but play writing, screen writing, poetry, acting, mime, and technical magic to bring the ideas to life. However the process begins, there is always a literary element because the ideas are formalized and recalled by writing down the concepts and then expanding them through performance. It begins with a script. – Leland Faulkner

“Leland Faulkner was fabulous – the kids really enjoyed the show and the teachers were impressed. Leland was so pleasent to work with. We will recommend him to the elementary schools next.” – Enrichment Coordinator, Hingham Middle School

World of Wonder in Syosset by Chris Boyle, Syossset Jericho Tribune. April 14, 2015.
Leland Faulkner in Mattapoisett Sppican Week, 2015.

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