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The Made in the Shade Jazz quartet is led by Dan Fox and Crick Diefendorf of Roots Music Collective

Jazz: America’s Music

Made in the Shade captures the imagination and delight of young listeners as they embark on a musical journey throughout America. Starting in New Orleans with Dixieland, they make stops in Kansas City, Chicago, and New York to learn about other jazz styles such as swing, blues, bebop, jazz fusion, and Latin jazz. Students will also learn about the nature of improvisation and will have a chance to conduct the band.

Target Grades: K-12
 45-60 minutes

Musical Mathematics

Who knew math could be so much fun?! Dan and Crick, explore concepts from state and national math standards through lively musical examples: measurement, sets, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students also learn the practical use of math in music by exploring note value, meter and conducting, and by composing a new piece of music using measures, sets, and notes. Available for K–1 or 2–3.

Target Grades: K-3
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 225

Post-Performance Master Class for Band and Jazz Ensembles

Made in the Shade’s master jazz educators Dan Fox and Crick Diefendorf provide intensive master classes for your school’s band or jazz ensemble to explore section playing, dynamics and balance, riffing, call and response, improvisation, time and feel, and style.

Master Class Length: 45-60 minutes
Participants: 30 students per workshop

Made in the Shade is an acoustic quartet that entertains audiences worldwide with the exuberant spirit of jazz. Its unique blend of New Orleans jazz, swing, ethnic and original music delights listeners and dancers of all ages. The members of the band are Dan Fox, trombone, Mike Peipman, trumpet, Crick Diefendorf, banjo, and John McLellan, drums. The ensemble was formed in 1990 when a group of music school graduates decided to play on the Boston Common in celebration of our nation’s birthday. Since then Made in the Shade has performed at numerous festivals, concerts, schools, radio and television shows and many other social functions throughout the United States and Europe.


Jazz: America’s Music Performance Requirements
Musical Math Performance Requirements
Made In The Shade Workshop Requirements

Jazz: America’s Music Educational Materials K-5
Jazz: America’s Music Educational Materials 6-12

Jazz: America’s Music
Audience of up to 300
Single: $945   Double: $1512  Triple: $1,985  Quad: $2,363

Audience of 301–600
Single: $1,106   Double: $1,741
 $2,323  Quad: $2,765
Travel Fee: $100 per day

Musical Mathematics
Single: $645  Double: $1,032 Triple: $1,355  Quad: $1,613
Travel Fee: $75 per day

Master Class
$125 per workshop with one teaching artist
$250 per workshop with two teaching artists

Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Available Mondays-Thursdays. Mondays preferred.
Please note, for scheduling requests, Made in the Shade is coded as “MIS/RMC”