Marcus Santos & Grooversity: Brazilian music and culture for schools

Marcus Santos & Grooversity: Brazilian drumming and culture for schools

Brazilian Beats

Acclaimed percussionist, educator, activist and Grooversity maestro Marcus Santos leads an ensemble of drummers and dancers in a high-energy survey of Brazilian drumming styles springing from his native Bahia—the original capital of Brazil. As students are introduced to soul-stirring Afro-Brazilian spirituals, to the jazz that virtuosic street soloists make with instruments as humble as plastic buckets, to the thunderous and gleeful drumming of festival marching bands,to the modern sounds of Samba Funk, they will join in the fun with call-and-response chants and funky dance moves. Volunteers will be called upon to get up on stage and help make some music.

MarcusStreetTarget Grades: K-12
Audience Limit: 300
Duration: 45 minutes

Brazilian Drumming Residencies with Marcus Santos

Students will learn about the exciting music of Brazilian drumming in this interactive workshop. They will gain hands-on experience with samba – the music of Bahia and Carnival. Brazilian drumming concepts such as polyrhythm, the importance of community in a drumming percussion ensmble and the role of music in everyday life are explored. The culminating event is a concert performed by all of the students participating in the residency!

Target Grades: 6-12
Participants: up to 25
Duration:  45 minutes

Bucket Drumming
Students will learn how rhythm, sound, and beats can be made from any surface. Using buckets, students will learn basic principals of ensemble drumming as well as polyrhythms. A culminating event will share the students’ progress.

Target Grades: 4-8
Participants: up to 25
Duration: 45 minutes

Brazilian Beats
Single: $840  Double: $1,345  Triple: $1,765  Quad: $2,100
Travel fee: based upon mileage (calculate below)
Note: pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time

Travel Fee: based upon mileage (use map below)

  • Planning Session: $125 (1 session mandatory for all residencies)
  • Must schedule at least three workshops in one day.
  • Minimum of 5 workshops/group for residency with culminating student performance
  • Single workshops/group available without culminating performance.
  • Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time

Grooversity Mission (from TEDX Somerville)
Batujexá/Batidão Performance Demo
Samba Reggae Lesson

Grooversity Performance Requirements: Brazilian Beats

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping to bring Grooversity to our school. The performances last Thursday were truly incredible. The group’s positive energy and upbeat performance truly inspired our students! They blended musical principals and Brazilian culture which made the programs incredibly educational and meaningful. The students will be talking about and reflecting on this performance for years to come!” -Carissa Bailey Sugar, M.ed., Music Teacher, Freetown Elementary School, Freetown, MA.

Grooversity visits Federal Furnace Elementary, Wicked Local Plymouth, February 21. 2017

Marcus Santos – Ensemble Leader and Teaching Artist
A contemporary percussionist and educator, Marcus Santos, is a native of Bahia, Brazil. He commits his life to the study, teaching and performance of his hometown’s Afro-Brazilian music and heritage. Santos received a scholarship and completed his studies with honors at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has performed internationally; and has shared the stage with artists such as Paquito D’Rivera (9 Grammy wins), The Brand New Heavies, Orchestra La Passion (Osvaldo Golijov) and the Gipsy Kings.
The Brazilian Immigrant Center honored him with the ‘Outstanding Arts Performer’ award in 2008 and Berklee College of Music has awarded him as ‘Outstanding Percussionist’ in 2004. Santos has been featured in his own produced DVD, “Modern Approach to Pandeiro,” the DVD “Musically Speaking II,” produced by BOSE, and on Sony Pictures’ “Rachel is Getting Married” starring Ann Hathaway. He has led numerous workshops on Afro-Brazilian percussion and music for Social Change in universities and conventions around the world, including MIT, Harvard, Brown University and Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Percussion Arts Society International Convention in 2007 and 2010. Currently, Santos is artistic director of drumming groups in six different states in the US; part of an effort to enact positive change by engaging communities through music.Marcus Santos’ passion for Afro-Brazilian music and culture comes through in each of his performances, classes and workshops.


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