New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society


New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society with Student Chorus

New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society with Student Chorus

Pirates of Penzance

t-mIywEM7D-8bTa5YNWg2RlScC555_XgaBxMR_GBoT0 Welcome aboard, matey! Join in the fun as the Pirate King, Ruth, and Frederick meet Mabel and the Major General for some olde English merriment. Romance blossoms, loyalty is put to the test and mistakes are forgiven in this “jolly good” adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic masterpiece. Featuring ultra-clever word play and zany physical comedy, The Pirates of Penzance is also an excellent springboard for discussing the values of honesty, integrity, and respect for commitment. Teaching materials include lyrics, key vocabulary and historical context. Most excitingly, using the teaching packet to prepare (plus a pre-show rehearsal with performers) sixteen of your students will perform onstage with professional artists as the chorus of rollicking pirates, carefree wards, and timid constables! The entire audience is invited to sing along with the chorus.

taL36K-xZTTQxh5d1lG-rRcfp3tOXZeys8Za2mxc2iATarget Grades: K-5
Audience Limit: 300
Duration: 50-minute performance (with Q + A) and at least one 60-minute pre-performance rehearsal with student chorus

Clip: Pirates with Fay School 4th Graders


  • Opera/Vocal Performance
  • Stage Presence/Public Speaking
  • English/Language Arts (Verse/clever wordplay/strong characters, repeated themes)
  • Communicating emotions clearly and strongly

Performance: $625
Pre-Performance Rehearsal for student chorus: $125
Travel Fee: $100 per day
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Pirates of Penzance Performance Requirements

Gilbert and Sullivan  Links
Study Guide and Music available by request upon contracting

The New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society (NEGASS) is an organization dedicated to fostering the appreciation of the works of Sir William Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, who jointly produced 14 comic operettas in Victorian England. Founded in 1976, NEGASS is affiliated with the original Gilbert and Sullivan Society in England, which has branches throughout the world. Our society’s founder was the late Warren Colson, a local performer, photographer, and author of the Gilbert and Sullivan Concordance. In the terminology of the G&S world, NEGASS and the Gilbert & Sullivan Society are appreciation societies, rather than performing groups. Many of our members belong to local G & S performing groups, however, and we do our best to puff their performances!We seek to help not only our own members, but all Savoyards in the New England area, by connecting people in need of G&S information, expertise or materials with others who have what they need. Pirates of Penzance is offered in collaboration with Greater Worcester Opera 

Your group’s performance at Bates yesterday was wonderful! Your actors truly engaged both the actor-kids and the audience kids.
-Parent, Bates Elementary, Salem, MA

As a principal and onlooker, I was overwhelmed by both the reactions and performances of our students and their operatic instructors. Our first grade audience and student actors supported an amazing performance. The talent and professionalism of the performers captivated our 6 and 7-year-olds while exposing them to operatic, cultural, and theatrical professionalism that no doubt will inspire them beyond their years. -Principal, South Lawrence East Elementary, Lawrence, MA

[Our teachers] thought it was the the best enrichment program the school has had and many of the teachers have been there for over ten years. I have been the enrichment coordinator for the past two years. Your program is in a league of it’s own.  It far exceeded our expectations!  From the detailed educational materials, the amount of time the cast rehearses with the chorus, added to the adorable costumes and then the performance!  I wish we could do it again!
-Michelle Levin, Enrichment Coordinator, Allen Avenue School, North Attleboro

Fridays best. Mondays also available.
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