Residency Programs


Residencies provide students with active engagement in the arts.

Professional teaching artists work with classroom teachers to provide skills-based programming that addresses specific student needs while simultaneously integrating the arts into curriculum objectives in innovative ways.


Individuals, schools, and organizations should schedule residencies at least one month in advance with YAMA. This will permit sufficient time to arrange a planning meeting between your chosen artist and participating teachers to determine goals, activities, and outcomes. Specific residencies conclude with an exhibit or presentation that celebrates the work of the students.

  • A typical residency day consists of three to four classes per day, with 20–30 students per workshop.
  • Each session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Residencies typically last a minimum of five days and can extend for as long as several weeks or months.
  • YAMA programming can be tailored to your school’s curricular objectives and/or as a complement to your community programs and events.

To plan a residency program, contact us at or 617-629-9262 303

“I have a firm belief that teachers are the most important professionals in the school building and that a quality teacher is worth her/his weight in gold. The Young Audiences teaching artists bring the quality and passion that I expect and admire to my school, and it is a pleasure to have them here at Salemwood.” — Jonathan Ponds, Principal, Salemwood Elementary School