Nancy Hair

The Talking Cello

Nancy’s highly engaging “one performer/one classroom” approach gives young students an intimate exploration of music making. Nancy guides students through an exploration of the cello’s construction, and demonstrates how music and words connect by telling a story using the cello’s special sound effects. The words of the story are then eliminated and only the sound effects remain, allowing children to trace the story by listening. The program engages students to write their own story as a group.  Nancy then performs on the cello to the students’ delight. During this interactive program, students use finger math, writing, and drawing skills.

Nancy Hair

Nancy Hair

 is an accomplished cellist who has performed with Arte Chamber Orchestra, New Hampshire Symphony, Opera Company of Boston,  and Rhode Island Philharmonic. She a faculty member in early childhood education at the New England Conservatory of Music and has also taught at the Longy School of Music The Powers Music School, The Hart School and the All Newton Music School.

For grades pre-K – K:
Duration: 30 minutes
Audience Limit: 30

For grades 1- 3:
Duration: 45 Minutes
Audience Limit:

PRICING (performance/day)
Grades Pre-K or K-1:

Single: $226 Double: $361 Triple: $474 Quad: $564
Grades 2-3:
Single: $368 Double: $588 Triple: $772 Quad: $919
Travel Fee: based upon mileage (calculate below)

Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Talking Cello Performance Requirements

Talking Cello Educational Materials

Available Tuesdays-Fridays.

Mileage Rates Note: (double the mileage calculated below to account for initial and return trips)