Storytellers & Authors

Alison O'Leary

Author Alison O’Leary presents the true story of men and women pitted against the sea during World War II―an unforgettable portrait of the determination of the human spirit that will challenge your knowledge of the war.

Andrea Lovett
In this community-building program, students learn the elements of story structure and discove their storytelling skills as Andrea guides them to perform personal narratives in front of an audience. Beginning with familiar stories and fables, students use open-ended questions and mapping to identify and pick apart the fundamental elements of a story—characters, setting, and outcomes.
Master storyteller Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec delights students with folk tales and myths from Asia: Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, and other Asian cultures.
Isaya Olepuro

With striking photography, traditional dress and artifacts, stories, songs and a little bit of traditional dance, Tanzanian Maasai Warrior Isaya Olepoura brings students into the world of his tribesmen.

Leeny Del Seamonds
Master Story Performer™ and multiaward-winning teaching artist, Leeny Del Seamonds invites students to “Live the Story” with international tales of kindness, inspiration and the bravery to overcome adversity and make a difference! Leeny writes and performs animated, uplifting stories demonstrating the passion, resiliency, and triumphs of the human spirit, inflected with her Cuban-American sense of humor.
Michael Tougias
From Inspiration to Publication – In all of Michael Tougias’ programs, through engaging, informative, and interactive storytelling, students learn how to take the seed of an idea, through the research and writing process, to final publication.
Nancy Bell

Spinning History: Heroines on the Home front is a visual arts and women's history program about the role that spinning played in the American Revolution.
Norah Dooley
Norah Dooley is a critically acclaimed storyteller and children’s author whose books,Everybody Cooks Rice, Everybody Bakes Bread, and Everybody Serves Soup teach about the commonalities that bring us together—lessons worth repeating again and again!
Robin Pease
Native American Storytelling - Robin Pease, who is of Mohawk descent, draws on her heritage as she takes you on a journey with Touch the Earth and/or Pushing Up the Sky. The program features audience participation in the form of songs, language, dance, and games.
Valerie Tutson
Storyteller Valerie Tutson recounts significant moments from this moment in our national history through the tales of Ona Maria Judge, who escaped from the plantation of President George Washington, James Forten, who, as a teen, risked his life in the fight against the British, and Elizabeth Freeman, known as Mumbet, whose court case paved the way to abolishing slavery in Massachusetts


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