Voci Angelica Trio

Voci Angelica - World Folk Music performances for school assemblies

Aristedes Rivas, Meena Malik and Jodi Hitzhusen of Voci Angelica perform World Folk Music for school assemblies

Passages:  Exploring the Migration of Music

“Passages” is an interactive educational performance of world folk music from 9 countries and 6 continents.  Through dialogue, colorful maps, and songs, Voci Angelica Trio traces the migration of early humans across the globe using the cello, djembe, claves, cuatro, maracas, shell shakes, tambourine stick, finger cymbals, doumbek and, of course, their voices. Audiences become part of the experience by answering questions about geography in a gameshow format and participating in songs.

Target Grades: K-8
Audience Limit:

She’s Like the Swallow/The Cuckoo (Concert in Japan for adults) 2013

Passages Performance Requirements

Voci Angelica Educational Materials K-2
Voci Angelica Educational Materials 3-5
Voci Angelica Educational Materials 6-8


Voci Angelica performs World Folks Music for school assemblies

Voci Angelica performs World Folks Music for school assemblies

Single: $750 Double: $1,200 
Triple: $1,575 Quad: $1,875
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A 25-30 minute adaptation is a available for preschool students, taken out of the quiz show format with more direct interaction.
Single: $590 Double: $944 Triple:  $1,239 Quad: $1,475
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Re-imagining the boundaries of traditional folk music, Voci Angelica Trio’s riveting arrangements of global songs from every continent leave audiences mesmerized.  Shimmering vocal harmonies intertwine with lush cello lines and vibrant percussion to create a musical fusion that transcends cultural divisions.
What started as a side project building on its members’ diverse ethnic backgrounds has become a musical mission.  More than just a performance group, Voci Angelica Trio promotes the humanitarian goals of social justice and cultural understanding.  “We believe that one of the best ways to pursue peace is to sing one another’s songs,” says Jodi Hitzhusen.  Meena Malik adds, “We see ourselves as musical ambassadors, using our performances to raise public awareness of diverse cultures and the issues they face.”The name “Voci Angelica” is a mix of romance languages and Latin, just as the trio explores and blends the music of many cultures.  It roughly translates to mean “voices of angels.”  Aristides Rivas concludes, “Music goes beyond language, religion, and politics.  It connects us to our humanity.”

“I honestly thought they had been on TV or something because they had such an amazingly well thought-out and POLISHED routine…LOVED IT!!!”

“Wonderful educational component that was easy and brief enough to span many age levels. Great and easy interaction with the kids. There was not much room for them to lose their audience and good crowd control. The music itself was amazing! Also, the pieces were short enough that they kept the interest of the students. Often times, groups choose great but long pieces. So, the audience starts to lose interest. Wonderful performance from start to finish!”

“Honestly, I think it could not have been better. The geography lesson with all its surprises, the introductions to each song, and the participation of the audience were excellent ways to capture the 100% attention of kids, who otherwise might have been distracted after a few songs that are so foreign to them. The music was lovely.”

“They seem to have an intuitive grasp of when little kids need to shift gears, and their music is exquisite.”

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