Fruit Flies Like a Banana

Type: Performance
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: K-8
Scheduling Request

Working at break-neck speed, the multi-talented performers of The Fourth Wall combine music, theater, and dance in this sprint-triathlon variety show. The audience chooses the show order by picking cards from a deck and even determines parameters for some pieces created on the spot. Every performance is unique! As the onstage timer ticks down, The Fourth Wall will blow your mind with tricks, bust your gut with laughter, and maybe even bring a tear to your eye with beautiful music.

Every performance of "Fruit Flies" is different - from show order to parameters to repertoire. We're always adding new pieces, changing old pieces, and finding new ways to make our friends and fans join in. We strive to turn conventional classical music performances on their ear and leave our audiences with a good feeling in their belly.

For November/December performances try Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Holiday Extravaganza!

Remote Learning Adaptation: The trio performs live from their three separate locations, using each environment creatively and inviting plenty of audience participation from home or school. Rather than drawing cards from a deck, the audience selects each piece by using online surveys. Live performances of solos and ensemble works are interspersed with short video clips.

Length: 45 Minutes (in-person)
Audience Limit: 250 (in-person)
Curriculum Connection: Music, Dance, Theater Arts

Remote Single (Live): $640

Single Show: $800
Back-To-Back: $1,360
Three-In-A-Row: $1,920

Travel Fee: $100

Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Remote Learning Tech Requirements: Online performances make use of several functions within Zoom (Share Screen/Audio, Spotlight Video, Waiting Room, and Polling), which members of The Fourth Wall will coordinate as Meeting Co-Hosts. A
short tech rehearsal and sound check (20 minutes before the performance start time) will ensure smooth operation. The Polling function will require setup in advance, easily done with guidance fromThe Fourth Wall.

Parking and unloading: We drive two vehicles. One is a minivan, which carries our larger items, including the vibraphone. The closer we can get to the performance space with the van, the better. Once unloaded, we can park it wherever is best for the school.

Performance space needs: 

20' deep x 30' wide is ideal (minimum 16' deep x 20' wide)

Stage surface must be smooth, flat, and free of protruding objects, obstructive cracks, holes, splinters, etc.

Marley flooring is not required, but the stage must be appropriate for dance and for objects on wheels, such as a vibraphone and hoverboards. 

Smooth, low-pile carpeting is occasionally acceptable. 

Direct access into the house from the stage is requested, enabling performers to go back and forth from the stage to the house with ease during the show.

Technical requirements: Fruit Flies Like a Banana has no power requirement. We perform live, acoustic music, so neither show requires sound support.

Materials the school needs to provide: One music stand (optional).

Arrival time: 90 minutes prior to show

Time needed between performances: 30 minutes

Strike Time: 45 minutes

Please introduce the performers as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts ensemble.

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Available Monday-Thursday, mornings preferred