Something from Nothing - A History of Hip Hop

Artist: Corey DePina
Type: Workshop
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: 6-12
Scheduling Request

From its origins in Latin, African, funk, and soul music, hip hop has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. But did you know that it all started in one neighborhood in the South Bronx? Corey will take students through the early history of hip hop and its four elements – MC-ing, DJ-ing, break dancing and graffiti – to inspire them with the possibilities of creating something positive out of nothing. This workshop features storytelling, rap performance, free-styling demonstration and activities that bring groups together to improvise beats verse or movement, adding in their own style and spin. This program is highly flexible an can be tailored to meet specific learning goals.

REMOTE ADAPTATION: Corey tells the history of hip hop live online via your remote learning platform, with the aid of pre recorded videos. 

Length: 60 Minutes
Participant Limit: 300 (online presentation), 25 (in-person workshop)
Curriculum Connection: Hip Hop, Poetry, Songwriting, African American Culture

Remote single: $420

In-person Workshops
$525 for 3 workshops/day
Travel Fee: $100/day

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts

  • Schools must schedule at least three workshops in a single day
  • Schools preferring a more introductory residency can schedule a total of one introductory skills workshop for each of their classes with no culminating event.
  • Planning fee will be based upon scope of residency
  • Pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Remote (live online)
School sets up link for remote meeting and makes the artist a co-host. Screen share must be enabled, however please turn off ‘annotation’ feature. Artist may need to sign on 20-30 minutes prior to the meeting to check sound levels. A representative from the school must be on the call to spotlight artist video, facilitate Q+A and mute students as needed. Please introduce the performer as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts artist.




  • Speakers to plug into a laptop (if possible)
  • Digital Projector to plug into laptop (if possible)

Workshop Space Requirements: 

  • Students seated in a circle if possible
  • Please let YAMA know the condition of the floor surface (rug/hardwood etc.)

Arrival time before first workshop: 30 min
Strike time:10 min
Time needed between workshops: 10 min
Teacher participation is expected.


Please introduce the performer as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts artist.

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