West African and Caribbean Mask-Making Workshop

Type: Workshop
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level: PreK-12
Scheduling Request

In addition to African dance performances, the Bamidele Dancers & Drummers offer hands-on workshops that allow students and teachers to integrate West African, Brazilian and Caribbean culture into their classroom. In their mask-making workshop, Bamidele artsits will guide students step-by-step in making their own traditional-style masks out of household materials. Showing some examples for inspiration, the artists will model the process, creating new masks along with their students. 

Remote Learning Adaptation: Access to craft materials is needed. If students wish to wear their masks, some parental help may be needed to cut out eye-holes. Some students may wish to simply display their masks as decorations. 

Length: 45 Minutes
Participant Limit: 25 Students
Curriculum Connection: African-American Studies, Multicultural Studies, Visual Art, History and Social Sciences

Remote Stand Alone Workshop: $200

Pricing: $175 per workshop (with one artist)

Travel Fee: $100

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts

Materials needed: Paperplates or cardboard, scissors, paint, paint brush and water container or crayons, chalk or colored sharpies, elmers or similar glue (glue sticks are usually not strong enough), feathers, glitter, small pom poms, stickers, streamers and anything on hand that could be glued onto the paper plate or cardboard. String or elastic is needed in order for students to wear the mask. Some students may choose not to wear their mask but pin it to a wall.

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Visiting artist, available in person February 28-March 4 2022 (may be extended). This program is available online year round.