About Our Programs

Our arts learning programs for PreK–12 grade students include inspiring assembly programs, hands-on workshops and in-depth residencies.

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Assembly Programs

Our assembly programs are performances from world-class artists brought directly to students in their schools, local libraries and community centers.

A YAMA Performance:

  • is designed especially for student audiences
  • introduces and art form and its cultural context or uses arts to teach specific school curriculum
  • is interactive and can include a Q & A session
  • can be adapted for specific learning goals or special needs
  • ranges from 45–60 minutes long to accommodate school schedules
  • reaches audiences of up to 300 students (and in some cases more)
  • is affordable, ranging in price from $250–$1,700 for a single performance
  • can include multiple shows back-to-back with each additional show discounted at 30% off of the single performance price

Workshops and Residencies

Post-performance workshops offered by many of our artists give students a chance to go deeper by trying out the art form they have just seen demonstrated in a small, focused group, with the guidance of a teaching artist.

Our stand-alone arts learning workshops and in-depth, multi-session residencies:

  • are tailored to your specific learning goals
  • focus on creating collaboratively
  • include opportunities for self-expression
  • are inclusive of students with all learning styles
  • can culminate in a shareable project or performance
  • accommodate a range of 20–40 students per session (varying by program)
  • range in length from 30–60 minutes to accommodate school schedules
  • are affordable, with prices ranging from $150-250 per session (with materials fees ranging from $0–$10 per student)
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