Isaya Oleporuo

Type: Performance
Art Form: Storytelling
Grade Level: 3 - 12

Isaya Oleporuo is one of Tanzania’s most charismatic and accomplished young leaders. Born in the remote village of Eluai, he was raised to become a Maasai Warrior and Chief, achieving both expectations before the age of 25. Now living in the US, Isaya brings his experiences to vivid life for all those interested in the Maasai lifestyle, its challenges, and the role art plays in Maasai culture. In addition to his teaching/presentation commitments, Isaya is currently documenting the rich history of the Tanzanian Maasai; helping the impoverished women of his village earn income by selling their jewelry; and helping much younger Maasai women avoid being forced into child marriages. Isaya’s story of the Maasai lifestyle has been described as "compelling and inspiring," his approach with students as "methodical, patient and responsive." The story of Isaya and the Maasai appeals to students of all ages.

Programs Offered

Isaya Oleporuo performs a program about Maasai Warriors for school culture arts assemblies.