Type: Performance, Remote
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: K - 12

Manguito is a musical group that focuses equally in both "teaching and performing" the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Audiences are immersed into some of the most popular music styles of these marvelous islands. They learn about their culture, a little about their history, their influences, and how their music were born. Manguito’s show connects directly to a Latin heritage we all need to preserve, and keep passing to our younger generations.

The members of Manguito are:
Gonzalo Grau - piano/vocals (Venezuela)
Manolo Mairena - percussion/vocals (Costa Rica)
Ernesto Diaz - percussion (Colombia)
Irisley Luis Gómez - bass (Cuba)
Jesús Andujar - percussion (Dominican Republic)

Programs Offered