States of the Union

Type: Performance
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: 3-5
Scheduling Request

Each state in America has distinctive music that is the result of geography, immigration, and history. With a full array of instruments and songs, Jeff takes students on a musical tour, illustrating the unifying similarities and interesting differences between the various regions and states of our country. This program demonstrates the amazing variety of cultures in America and is a perfect companion to the standard elementary Social Studies curriculum.

Length: 45-60 Minutes
Audience Limit: 175
Curriculum Connection: Music, US Folk Music, US History, US Geography

Single Show: $475
Back-To-Back: $805
Three-In-A-Row: $1,140
Four-In-A-Row: $1,470

Travel Fee: $50 per day
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts


1 reserved parking space

2 folding chairs without arms

6 music stands or easels for display of large format photos

2 standard school tables 5-6 feet in length

Performance Space: Students seated on floor, if possible

IMPORTANT NOTE: A full sound system is required if the acoustics in the performance space are poor, or ifthe performance is to be on a stage or in an auditorium with fixed seating! If sound system is not available, please contact YA office ASAP.
Arrival time before first performance: 45 minutes
Strike time: 20 minutes
Time needed between performances: 15 minutes
Grades should be consecutive.

Teacher participation is expected.

Please introduce the performer as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts artist.

Visiting artist, availability for the 2019-2020 school year: Early November 2019; Mid-May to Mid-June 2020.