The Immigrant Experience

Type: Performance
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: K-12
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All aboard the steamer to New York! It’s time to take a trip to a New World. What will you bring with you? What will you find when you get there? In this interactive music and history program, a talented trio of musicians bring a variety of immigration stories, pictures and folk instruments including the dumbek, guitar, jaw harp, tambourine, penny whistle, native American flute, tabor, bagpipes, clarinets, harmonica, bodhran, oud and riqq to demonstrate that American culture is woven from a patchwork of sounds and traditions.

Length: 45-60 Minutes
Audience Limit: 200
Curriculum Connection: Music, Folk Music, History of US Immigration, and Cultural Development

Single Show: $675
Back-To-Back: $1,145
Three-In-A-Row: $1,620
Four-In-A-Row: $2,090
Travel Fee: based upon National Standard Mileage Rate (Business)

Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts


3 reserved parking spaces

3 easels or sturdy music stands for displaying 20” by 30” photos

3 chairs

Microphone with floor stand

Performance Space: Elementary students should be seated on the floor, if possible.
Arrival time before first performance: 30 minutes
Strike time: 15 minutes
Time needed between performances: 5 minutes
Teachers are expected to model appropriate audience behavior for students.

Please introduce the performers as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts ensemble.

Double mileage below to account for initial and return trip