When Words Sing: Music and Mandarin

Type: Performance
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: 3-5
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With a European violin in one hand and a Chinese violin (erhu) in the other, master teacher and violinist Shaw Pong Liu takes students on an adventure of cross-cultural communication, connecting the language of music to the tonal language of Mandarin. Drawing on her travels as a Chinese–American studying in Beijing, Shaw Pong uses her instruments, singing voice, looping pedal, and multi-lingual skills to demonstrate the variety of ways in which people use linguistic and musical tones to communicate. While exploring facets of Chinese culture, students will learn to sing the pentatonic scale and to speak, sing and physically demonstrate the four tones of Mandarin—skills that help both in learning languages and learning music.

Length: 45 Minutes
Audience Limit: 80
Curriculum Connection: Chinese Folk Music, History, Culture, Geography, Mandarin Language, Classical Music

Single Show: $375

Back-To-Back: $635

Three-In-A-Row: $900

Four-In-A-Row: $1,160

Travel Fee: $45 per day

Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts


1 reserved parking space

1 microphone stand with boom

1 armless chair

2 music stands or 1 easel for display of large‐format posters

Performance Space Requirements:

Students seated on floor, if possible.

Prefer as intimate (small) a space as can comfortably accommodate all audience members.

Minimum space for performer: 5x8 feet

Arrival time before first performance: 30 minutes

Strike time: 15 minutes

Time needed between performances: 15 minutes

Grades should be consecutive.

Please introduce the performer as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts artist.

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