George W. Russell, Jr. & Co.

Type: Performance
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: Pre K - 12

George W. Russell, Jr. is an Associate Professor of Harmony at Berklee College of Music, a highly esteemed and sought after gospel and jazz pianist on the Boston scene, and a recording artist with a total of eight jazz and gospel recordings to his credit. He is also a former Minister of Music/Chief Musician at Jubilee Christian Church in Boston.

The George Russell, Jr. and Co. ensemble includes: George on keys and vocals, Wesley Wirth on bass and vocals, and vocalists Wanetta Johnson and Emily Russell.

Outdoor performances available.

Wannetta Jackson, a native of Milwaukee, studied at the Berklee College of Music. She is well known on the club scene, as well as in Boston Globe Jazz Festivals, Dimmock Commends Health Center’s annual “Steppin’ Out” Gala, and her own shows such as “Sisters Soul to Soul: Wannetta Jackson Sings Aretha Franklin.”

Emily Russell, a Pennsylvania native, is a pianist and singer/songwriter, and has written many children’s songs. She also runs her own fine art/graphic design business, “Studio E” and is President/Manager of G Dub Music.

Sean Skeete is an ensemble instructor and drum instructor at the Berklee College of Music. He is the consummate, professional drummer. He is a free-lance drummer in the Boston area. Sean also plays with the George W. Russell, Jr. Trio.

Wesley Wirth, originally from Sherborn, Massachusetts, is a bassist and graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music. He has two Masters degrees from Harvard University: Architectural Landscaping and Problem Solving. Wesley has performed with Bob Moses, Semenya McCord, Chuck Mangioni, Stan Strickland, just to name a few. He currently plays with the George W. Russell, Jr. Trio as well as with many other artists in the area.


Programs Offered

George Russell, Jr. & Co performs gospel and spiritual music for school assemblies.