Native American Pictographs: One of the Earliest Forms of Art and Writing

Artist: Robin Pease
Type: Workshop
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level: 2-8
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Pictographs use a simple illustration as a symbol for words. Found in Pre Columbian art, Native American art and historical records of ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia, they are considered an art form as well as one of the earliest forms of writing, used before 300 BCE. In this virtual visual arts workshop, students will learn about the use of pictographs in Iroquois culture as a means to preserve history and convey ideas to other nations, and then practice telling their own history and stories using this ancient graphic writing style. The program will include an interactive Q & A with the artist.

Live online for remote learning.

Length: 30-45 minutes
Participant Limit: 2 classes (about 50 students)
Curriculum Connection: History, Social Studies, Language Arts, Native American Studies

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