Mass Movement, Inc.

MassMovement offers dance workshops tied to curriculm for Massachusetts schools

MassMovement offers dance workshops tied to curriculum for Massachusetts schools

Mass Movement, Inc, offers in-school and after-school dance workshops and dance residencies through Young Audiences of Massachusetts with a focus on integrating dance in the classroom. In addition, they offer professional development for educators so that they can incorporate movement into their teaching practice. Founded originally in 1973, Dance Collective/Mass Movement operated as a professional contemporary dance company producing award-winning choreography and concerts throughout New England and in Europe, sponsoring an acclaimed Summer Outreach Program for inner-city youth (a version of which continues at Boston University) and providing popular educational programs at schools and after-school sites.

Learning Through Movements: Dance Workshop and Dance Residencies

IMG_1805Mass Movement residencies consist of dynamic dance workshops that encourage creativity, deepen cultural awareness, and improve physical well-being. Choose from:

  • creative movement to encourage self-expression and physicalize language and story
  • ethnic and traditional dance forms (from African to European) to foster understanding of other cultures through their traditional movement styles and rhythmic patterns
  • contemporary dance to explore scientific and mathematical concepts through rhythm and physical movement.

Schools can choose any combination of dance workshop options to meet their classroom needs.

Social Studies:

African-American Culture: African Dance to Hip Hop
Students are taught an African harvest dance with includes gestures representing actions of preparing soil, planting seeds and gathering crops. This dance is used to explore an ethnic group’s use of movement to teach their young of their occupation, affirm their identity, connect to their music and to use movement as a cultural activity. We then look at Hip Hop and its connection to popular music and culture. Students are led through guided exercises to explore how movement can be used to dramatize language and explore emotional states. They will create their own dances that use movements that stylize actions from our everyday lives, create conversations, tell stories and express our individuality. We teach skills that improve students’ physical well-being but will also foster creativity in a positive learning environment. This residency aims to build positive self-image and tolerance for individuality outside the norm, as well as, physical activity to develop motor skills, strength and flexibility.
International Folk Dances from All Continents
Cultural dances from Europe, early America, and/or Latin America
Students are introduced to the music and dance styles from different cultures with emphasis upon coordination, direction, cooperation and musicality. We have instructors who specialize in dances from different parts of the globe. Example of one dance: Seven Jumps from Denmark. Danced in a circle, the chorus is a skipping step while the seven figures begin with balancing on one leg, and each figure adds another task that gets lower to the floor. The dance teaches sequencing and works on basic locomotor skills involving coordination, balance, and flexibility while involving the students in a fun and challenging group activity. Introductory games and activities will give students an opportunity to creatively explore basic components of dance and develop movement skills.

Swing Dances from the World War II Era

English Language Arts:

Plot Development: Storytelling in Movement
Figurative Language: Abstraction, Similes, and Metaphors

Science and Mathematics:

Einstein Rules: Opposition, Gravity, and Causality
Divide and Conquer: Math/Movement Games
Dances of the Solar System

In one example, the topography and weather on Mars is used as inspiration to create a vocabulary of movements that includes measurement, making shapes, exploring speed, resistance and responding to gravity. Students are introduced to these elements through guided exercises that involve learning concepts, problem-solving and flexible thinking. A dance sequence is built which may involve working in smaller groups before assembling into a final dance piece. The physical activity develop motor skills, strength and flexibility. This residency can work toward a culminating event.

BallerinaWorkshop Length: 45–60 minutes
Participants: 30

$125/workshop for 1-11 dance workshops
(includes one artist, minimum two dance workshops/day)
$113/workshop for 11 workshops or more
Travel fees based upon mileage.
For all residencies, a one-time planning session fee of $125 will apply.

Discounts may be available for block bookings or long-term residencies.

Note:  pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time

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