Bamidele Dancers & Drummers
Travel across the globe with the internationally acclaimed Bamidele Dancers & Drummers and experience the celebratory dances, rhythms, folklore, and songs from West Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean.
Corey DePina
Hip Hop Workshops & Residencies - From its origins in Latin, African, funk, and soul music, hip hop has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.  But did you know that it all started in one neighborhood in the South Bronx?
Firebird Ensemble
Based upon the classic characters created by A.A. Milne in Winnie the Pooh and The House on Pooh Corner, this unique contemporary music performance leads students into the fantasy world of the loveable, yet ever-pessimistic Eeyore.
George W. Russell, Jr. & Co.
Clap your hands! African-American music (spirituals, folk-blues, and gospel music) has influenced both the musical and political movements in America.
Gideon Freudmann
CelloBop is a whirlwind 500-year history of the cello – its past, present, and future. Gideon combines excerpts from various periods for the cello repertoire with explanations about its construction and tone.

Acclaimed percussionist, educator, activist and Grooversity maestro Marcus Santos leads an ensemble of drummers and dancers in a high-energy survey of musical styles springing from his native Bahia—the original capital of Brazil.
Jeff Davis
Travel with Jeff Davis into the history of rural America. With humor, warmth, and scholarship, Jeff invites your students to relive our nation’s heritage through songs of Revolutionary War heroes, Appalachian clogging songs, sailors’ work songs, African-American banjo tunes, Irish fiddle tunes, cowboy ditties, and more!
Karim Nagi
Join Egyptian-American Karim Nagi on an engaging, high-energy journey to learn about Arab and Muslim culture through a variety of traditional instruments, folk music, and traditional dance.
Liz Buchanan
Liz’s award-winning songs and repertoire of classic story songs and nursery rhymes turn learning into musical fun! In an interactive program tailored to small groups, this seasoned children’s performer gets kids singing and moving with emphasis on basic literacy skills: rhyming, sounding out words, and understanding the elements of stories.
Made in the Shade
Jazz: The Roots of American Popular Music - Made in the Shade captures the imagination and delight of young listeners as they embark on a musical journey throughout America.
A musical journey to the Carribean - Experience the joyous music of Latin America such as the rumba, bomba, plena, and Dominican merengue.
Nancy Hair
Nancy Hair's highly engaging “one performer/one classroom” approach gives young students an intimate exploration of music making. Sandy guides students through an exploration of the cello’s construction, and demonstrates how music and words connect by telling a story using the cello’s special sound effects.
New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Welcome aboard, matey! Join in the fun as the Pirate King, Ruth, and Frederick meet Mabel and the Major General for some olde English merriment.

North Winds
Meet the woodwind family! Flute, Oboe and Bassoon voices are famously colorful and create a lively mix of sounds, songs and sights for the enrichment of very young students.
Odaiko New England
Odaiko New England demonstrates the ancient art form of taiko (Japanese drumming) and its importance in Japanese culture. This energetic and engaging program highlights kumi-daiko (ensemble drumming) and combines traditional taiko rhythms with dynamic movement and rhythms from other musical traditions.
Promised Land
Through song, Promised Land teaches students about the history of worldwide immigration to America that millions of immigrants sought for over four centuries.
Roots Music Collective
Students are led on an adventure to explore the global influences and social forces that have shaped American popular music. This interactive performance illustrates how the music of early African-Americans evolved from work songs and spirituals, and led to blues, jazz, country, and eventually rock.
Sandeep Das

Grammy-nominated percussionist Sandeep Das is a world-class master of the Tabla, a versatile hand-drum central to the classical music of Northern India, whose many voices have found their way into musical genres from Indian folk to American pop

Sandeep Das & Shaw Pong Liu

In Indian classical music, a Jugalbandi is a duet in which each musician is on equal footing. Grammy-nominated Indian “talking drum” player Sandeep Das, and Chinese-American master violinist and erhu player, Shaw Pong Liu, join forces in this thrilling program, which takes audiences on a cross-cultural adventure from India to China to the mountains in between.

Veronica Robles

Veronica Robles dons an array of vibrant costumes, performs rousing dances, and sings passionate songs that bring Mexican culture to life.

Voci Angelica Trio
 “Passages” is an interactive educational performance of world folk music from 9 countries and 6 continents.  Through dialogue, colorful maps, and songs, Voci Angelica Trio traces the migration of early humans across the globe using the cello, djembe, claves, cuatro, maracas, shell shakes, tambourine stick, finger cymbals, doumbek and, of course, their voices


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