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Norah Dooley is a critically acclaimed storyteller and children’s author whose books, Everybody Cooks RiceEverybody Bakes Bread, and Everybody Serves Soup teach about the commonalities that bring us together—lessons worth repeating again and again!  She is the founder of StoriesLive, Inc, whose mission is to promote the timeless art of storytelling through digital media, education and live performance.

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Everyone Has a Story: From Idea to Book

Drawing on her life as a writer, her passion for storytelling and her defining sense of humor, Norah leads students through the process of how, with imagination and craft, life becomes a story and a story becomes a book. This highly interactive presentation includes stories both true and fantastic, story mapping exercises and games. It can be adjusted based on grade level.

Target Grades: 1-8
Performance Length:
 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 300

Stories from the Neighbors

In this multicultural storytelling program, folk tales and fables include stories centered around social justice, immigration, tolerance, and diversity. Stories from the Neighbors embraces the cultural diversity that is found within our communities and shows students how much they can learn from people in their own neighborhoods. Students compose sounds to the stories shared, and the assembly culminates with a storytelling game in which the students find and tell their own stories, discovering how their voice is part of the greater communal voice!

Target Grades: K-8
Performance Length: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 300

Storytelling: Your Program

NAD Muraco SchoolNorah puts her extensive trove of stories, folktales, fables, and songs to work for you by crafting a unique storytelling program centered on the theme or culture of your choice – and linking it directly in with your curriculum. Possible themes include Irish stories, Italian stories, Caribbean stories, bullying, nonviolent conflict resolution, tricksters, female heroines, and more!

Target Grades: K-8
Performance Length:
 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 300

Post-Performance Workshop

In this workshop, students are led in theater and storytelling games to practice finding the story in their everyday lives and use oral exercises to capture images that are used to develop plot, characters, and rich detail about life experiences that are important to them.

Workshop Length: 45-60 minutes
Participants: 30 students


Because you have a life, you have a story. Bring it!

_StoriesLive collage 6x3StoriesLive® teaches students how to develop a personal narrative through the art of storytelling. Students’ engagement with English Language Arts is enhanced as they hone their skills through what is often a transformational public speaking experience. In the past 6 years, over 8,000 Massachusetts high school students have learned to tell their stories in this unique curriculum-based project.

All students learn valuable presentation skills and engage in narrative forms as “authors”. Their stories and skills are of immediate practical use in college application essays, college interviews and in representing their experiences at job interviews.

Participants listen to a professional storyteller model the skills they will learn and then are led through a series of powerful exercises, which enable them to create 1st person narratives on set themes which are aligned with College Common Application essay prompts. All students demonstrate their new skills as they listen to and perform their stories for each other in a culminating contest or “slam” as CCSS requirements for public speaking are met.

This residency also includes teacher training and all the materials necessary for teachers to include a unit on oral storytelling in their curriculum and run their own story slams in future years.

Residencies are customizable and can include a culminating event run by Norah.

Audience Limit (for presentation): 300
Participants (for workshops): 25 students (one classroom)

This is multi-session residency that includes one presentation, at least 2-4 student workshops for each group of students and 1 teacher training workshop.

If schools prefer to schedule workshops independently of a performance, they must schedule at least 3 workshops/day at a rate of $175 per workshop.

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2012 Storyslam Winners
StoriesLive High School Program

Norah Dooley Performance Requirements

Norah Dooley Educational Materials

Performance Programs:
Single: $525 Double: $840 Triple: $1,103

Post-Performance Workshops: $125 each
Note: Schools preferring to schedule custom workshops independent of performances must schedule at least 3 workshops/day at $375/day.

Travel Fee: based upon mileage
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

StoriesLive Residencies:
Presentation Price: $525
Post-presentation Student Workshop Price: $125
Teacher Training Workshop Price: $200
Culminating event (optional): $350

Travel Fee: based upon mileage

Norah Dooley is a storyteller, critically acclaimed children’s author and educator and the founder of a story slam series in Greater Boston. Norah’s widely acclaimed picture book, Everybody Cooks Rice is one of four titles in a series about her former neighborhood in Cambridge, MA. She has published 6 storytelling CDs. Norah has an MEd in Creative Arts in Learning, Middle School. She teaches storytelling and performance skills; directs theater; and performs in schools, libraries and teacher’s conferences. She was a featured storyteller in the Christmas and Spring Revels in Cambridge and Boston, the Cambridge River Festival, Newport Folk Festival, Albany River Festival, 3 Apples Storytelling Festival and at the Clearwater Festival.


“It was such a wonderful day! The kids were so taken by you, your expressiveness, your voice, and your stories. I just love the idea of the picture Map you drew for them and think it will be so helpful in writing their own fables and plays. A couple of them said “this was the best day”, and I agree. It was the best day of the year!”
-2nd grade teacher, Linden STEAM academy, Malden, MA

“Thank you, that was great! We have had a lot of authors come but yours was the best presentation we’ve ever had.”
-Principal, Agawam Kr. High, Agawam, MA

“After your presentation to children in third, fourth and fifth grades, we had one child [I would describe as a ‘reluctant writer’] who asked his teacher, “Could we do some writing when we get back to the classroom?”… not , “When is recess?”, or “Can we have our snack now?”. You really struck a chord with so many. The teachers were thrilled to hear you say things they constantly say to children to encourage them to write. Your manner of presentation was captivating, convincing and encouraging… for children and adults.-F. Haven Starr – Henry Bernard School, Providence RI

“The school is still full of your wonderful storytelling. Your work and this is no “flarching” as my English Grandmother would say, is stellar. You are without doubt the best storyteller that I have ever heard and I’ve heard a lot. Thank you so much for coming to Gordon. We very much hope that you will come back soon. I was in Kindergarten yesterday and reading a description of noodle making and eating along with a thank you to Norah Dooley for sparking the whole thing. Fifth grade have your book draft as a writing model and they are engaged in their own endeavors.” -Frances Martindale, Gordon School, Providence RI

“Wow! I am just starting to come down from the Spoken Word high! We had our finale on Friday (which was fabulous) and the teachers shared some stories – we learned so much from you and it was so evident at the finale! We just cannot thank you enough!“ -Meagan Lenihan @ Lincoln School Providence RI

“I am writing because I want to thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. Each time I tell a story, I think of you fondly, and I wanted to thank you for showing me the magic that is created when a story is told from the heart instead of just read from the page. It has become a useful tool in my teaching repertoire, and one my children heartily enjoy.” -Christine Corbiere 1st grade Teacher, Odenton MD

“Norah’s presentation to the Mass Bay District UU ministers and religious educators today was somewhere beyond superlative. I’ve been preaching, teaching,(and preaching & teaching) the value of stories, for 35 years now. And in that entire time I’ve never encountered someone who could do what you did: both demonstrate and teach memorable story-telling technique simultaneously. Brava!” -John Buehrens First Parish in Needham, MA

“Norah Dooley puts all of her heart and soul into her craft, whether it be storytelling, writing, writing in collaboration with students, teaching or directing. She uses her charisma to excite her audience/students and draw them into her circle of warmth. This often allows kids to take new risks with their emerging abilities. She has great follow through- once committed to a project, she gives it everything, and always keeps her eye on making it a quality experience for her collaborators.”
-Louise Doud, English and Reading teacher at Eagle Hill School, Hardwicke MA

“Old Testament Prophet Conviction, Committed. … you push/put yourself into challenging situations and that you want all of your work, no matter how entertaining, to also say something about how people can live better lives. Your message comes through both in form and content. Form, because by your example as a storyteller you model an activity that is participatory, non-materialistic and traditional. Content, because the kinds of stories you tell encourage ethnic pride (Italian, etc.), mention forgotten heroes (like the female pirate), or praise little people (your stories about the neighborhood.)” – Joel Reisman


Norah Dooley Press Clips
“High School Story Slam a Hit” by Hannah Lapah, Valley Advocate, May 24, 2012
“Classical Students Speak From the Soul” by Sarah Mupo, The Daily Item, January 11, 2012

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