Pam Golden

Pam Golden & FTFriendship Tree Sculpture Project (multi-visit residency)

Artist and teacher Pam Golden invites students and staff to experience the fun and flexible nature of clay, and to participate in the creation of a permanent assemblage sculpture.

Clay is an elemental material that has been used throughout history by cultures around the world! The Friendship Tree Sculpture Project provides many interdisciplinary connections with academic curriculum, to Common Core Standards and ceramic artwork from many world cultures, including Native American, Asian, Mexican, South American, Indian, Egyptian and more!

Pam will build a unique clay “tree trunk base”, and each student will create an original clay sculptural piece. The clay pieces will be stacked together on top of the tree trunk to become the Friendship Tree and its branches. Students will experiment with visual textures, facial expressions and designs on the clay’s surface.

This vibrant site-specific sculpture can be installed indoors or out. In future residencies, more clay pieces may be added to the Friendship Tree Sculpture to become additional branches. This will keep the spirit of community building growing!

Sculpting a clay finger puppet

Sculpting a clay finger puppet

Residency Includes:

  • Planning session with teachers/facilitators
  • Workshop 1: Students make clay faces and figures
  • Workshop 2: Students paint their pieces with glazes
  • Firing of the student work Pam’s studio kiln.
  • Installation of the tree in an interior or exterior space in your school

    : 25/workshop
    Duration: 50 min per workshop
    Target Grades: K-12
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PB111145Clay Finger Puppets: Putting Fun Into Fine Art (two visits)

Demonstrating the expressive nature of clay, Pam Golden leads students in the creation of dynamic finger puppet sculptures that encourage and facilitate individual storytelling. Students will be guided to create visual textures, facial expressions, and designs on the clay’s surface.These clay puppet sculptures may have interdisciplinary connections to stories from cultures around the world, including Native American, Asian, South American, Mexican, Indian, Egyptian and more.

For a one-visit workshop, the students will use an air dry clay and press beads, feathers and shells into the sculptures as decorations. For a two-visit workshop, the finished clay puppet sculptures will be fired in Pam’s kiln. She will return with the fired pieces, and the students will paint and decorate the sculptures.

For All Programs:
Target Grades: K-12
Participants: 25 students
Duration: 60 Min.
Sessions: At least two sessions needed for each group; one for sculpting and one for painting and glazing. Pam fires student work in her studio kiln and then delivers the fished pieces to the school (additional travel fee).

Workshop Fee:
$250 for two sessions with a group
Note: It is preferable to schedule at least two workshops in a single day.
Planning Session: $125
Material Fee: $3/student
Kiln Firing Fee: $80 (bisque and glaze firings at $40/each)
Installation Fee (for Friendship Tree only, includes sculptural clay tree trunk, wooden base, hardware and site installation): $700
Travel Fee: based upon mileage (use map below)
Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Pam is a freelance artist and educator. Her sculpture and site-specific art installations and environmental art works have been exhibited both nationally and throughout New England including First Night Boston, the Fuller Art Museum, and the Art Complex Museum. Pam’s work has been included in several publications and in two books on art and healing.  Pam is the former Art Director of the Inly School, a Montessori-based co-educational day school serving 260 students from toddler to middle school, in Scituate, MA.
JAPAN FULBRIGHT MEMORIAL FUND (FMF) TEACHER PROGRAM, 2004 The Japan FMF Teacher Program selected Pam Golden from a national pool of over 2,000 applicants to travel to Japan and visit schools in Yamatokoriyama, Nara, Japan in November for three weeks. This program allows distinguished primary and secondary school educators in the US to travel to Japan for 3 weeks in an effort to promote greater intercultural understanding between the two nations.

INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE CENTER OUTSTANDING ART TEACHER AWARD, 2001 Awarded for a sculpture lesson called “My Face-in-the-Box: Life-Mask Assemblage Sculptures” for 7th and 8th Graders.

Pam received a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1976 from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY and an M.A.T. in 1977 from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.

WOMEN’S LODGE A group of women artists whose ceremonial work is inspired by the natural world and the work of archeologist and author, Marija Gimbutas and her book, The Language of the Goddess.


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