Funding Ideas

There are a number of potential sources for financial support to bring a Young Audiences of Massachusetts program into your school.
There are no guarantees, however, since the funding landscape shifts constantly. Please contact YAMA at 617-629-9262 or for further inquiries.

  1. Town-wide scheduling discount
    10% off (up to $1000) the program price when 8 or more performances by the same artist are scheduled within the same town by one coordinator. Not applicable to residencies.
  2. Schedule with other schools in your town
    For the majority of our artists, if more than one school in the same district schedule a performance on the same day, those schools split the program fee. Please ask for more details at the time of scheduling.
  3. Coffee Pond subsidy
    Schools that use Coffee Pond Photography for their school portraits receive $100 off any Young Audiences program. Discount offered once per school year.
  4. Local Cultural Council (LCC) grants
    Schools should contact their LCC for possible grant opportunities. For supporting materials for grant applications, visit the page of your desired artist or ensemble. The next deadline is October 16, 2017. Applications will be available September 1.
  5. Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) grants
    The MCC has a number of grant programs that may offer funding for residencies. Visit: Please contact YAMA for supporting materials for grant applications.
  6. Local business partners
    Contact local businesses for possible subsidy opportunities. YAMA is happy to write letters of support for funding proposals.
  7. Target grants
    Target Stores offer arts grants to local schools. Visit your local Target or visit their Website for more information.
  8. Title I Funds
    Arts programming can be used as part of your strategy to use Title I funds to provide students with a well-rounded education.