Build A Story Residency

Type: Residency
Art Form: Storytelling
Grade Level: PreK-3
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In this community-building program, students learn the elements of story structure and build their telling skills, as Andrea guides them to perform personal narratives in front of an audience. Beginning with familiar stories and fables, students use open-ended questions and mapping to identify and pick apart the fundamental elements of a story—characters, setting, and outcomes. They then work collectively to change these elements, and build their own story as a class. Using this story as a script,

Andrea guides students to discover its natural rhythms, and identify opportunities for audience participation. Students perform their new story from beginning to end as a culminating event for the residency. Workshop subjects and lengths can be modified for individual schools to meet their needs or focus. 


Length: 60 Minutes
Participant Limit: 30 Students
Curriculum Connection: Mass Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts and Literacy speaking and Listening Standards Pre-K–5 9 (R.L 1.1 & R.L 1.3): Students will be able to tell a story or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details and speak in audibly and coherent sentences.

Remote Stand Alone Workshop: $200

$525 for 3 workshops/day

  • For a full residency, a minimum of 3 contacts with each class culminating in a sharable project, is recommended.
  • Schools must schedule at least three workshops in a single day
  • Schools preferring a more introductory residency can schedule a total of one introductory skills workshop for each of their classes with no culminating event.
  • Planning fee will be based upon scope of residency
  • Pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Travel Fee: based upon National Standard Mileage Rate (Business)

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Handouts and activity sheets copied as needed for classes.

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