Become a YAMA Roster Artist

Young Audiences of Massachusetts (YAMA) reviews applications for arts learning performing and teaching artists on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed and auditioned by a panel consisting of YAMA staff and Program Committee members. Artists must be currently working professionally in their discipline. Previous teaching experience is not mandatory.

To apply, please fill-out and submit this Application Form.

For help in compiling your materials, you can download a copy of the application questions, but please submit your application using the form linked above.

Applicants who look like a strong match for our roster will be asked to provide us with an opportunity to preview their program for a students audience. In some cases, if preview opportunities are not readily available, YAMA can assist in initiating a preview.

The review panel appraises each application based on:

  • Artistic quality
  • Educational Content
  • Supporting materials
  • Personal interview/audition
  • Applicant’s available time for professional development and site assignments
  • Young Audiences’ need/interest in the artistic discipline or performance 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit my application?

Based upon application materials received by YAMA, we will determine if your program potentially fills a niche on our roster.  If your program matches our needs, YAMA staff and Program Committee members will attend a school performance that you have scheduled, in order to preview your program. Please note that YAMA does not compensate artists for preview performances

I am having trouble setting up a preview performance. Is there another way to audition?

Only under extenuating circumstances will YAMA help artists arrange preview performances. Please note that YAMA does not compensate artists for preview performances.

YAMA has attended a preview performance of my program. What happens next?

If the program is determined to be immediately deliverable, artists may be offered a spot on YAMA’s roster. If a program is not considered to be immediately deliverable but shows potential to be a strong fit with some revision, feedback will be provided, and artists will be asked to audition a revised version of the program. After this second audition, YAMA will either extend an invitation or let them know that the program was not determined to be a strong enough fit.

I have been invited to join the roster. What are the next steps?

 If an artist or ensemble is invited to join YAMA’s roster and accepts, the next step is to meet with YAMA’s staff to determine pricing, performance requirements, and educational materials, and then to sign an agreement. Marketing then begins through YAMA’s Website, e-newsletters, and social media channels. The new artist/ensemble will be included in the next annual Program Guide (mailed to every school in MA) and live Showcase events.

I was not invited to join the roster. May I re-apply?

An artist who is not invited to join YAMA’s roster may request to repeat the audition process after one year. Requests will be granted at YAMA’s discretion.

If you have any further questions, please contact program manager, Leah Hamilton French.