January Virtual Showcases

As YAMA artists continue to adapt and innovate, we are excited to present three new Remote Arts Learning Showcase events in January!

Each event features three 15-minute performance previews and time for Q & A.

All events take place 3:00 - 4:00 PM on Zoom. 

January 13 September 16 September 23 September 30
IllStyle & Peace: Become Your Dreams - History of Hip Hop Dance Tanglewood Marionettes Li Liu Kirsten Lamb
MathsAmazing - Online! Karim Nagi Bamidele Dancers & Drummers  Eth-Noh-Tec

David Zucker is Poetry in Motion

Shaw Pong Liu Nancy Bell 

Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band

Gideon Freudmann

Register For All/Any Events using the same link:

Registrants receive the one Zoom link for all events in a confirmation email. If you have attended a previous event in August OR September, use the same link.

Miss our August Showcases? View them on YouTube!
View September Showcases, here.

Showcase 1 (The Fourth Wall, Leeny Del Seamonds, Urbanity Dance)

Showcase 2 (Valerie Tutson, Grooversity, Johnette & Scott)

Showcase 3 (DrumatiX, Veronica Robles, Historical Perspectives: Ben Franklin)

Showcase 4 (Odaiko New England, Kathakas, Leland Faulkner)

From the August Showcase Chat boxes:

"This is fun!" - student audience member

"This is the best class!" - student audience member

"Thank you! First grader and third grader approved!" - arts coordinator

"My 6-year-old didn't want the presentation to end!" - arts coordinator

"We saw you live a couple years ago and love the digital format! - arts coordinator

"I have seen this program live and you did an amazing job adapting it to Zoom" -arts coordinator

"Loved seeing the kid dancing on the Zoom today. And the adults too! - board member

"Wonderful engagement with the viewers." - cultural council director

"Wonderful. Loved the interaction." - arts coordinator

"That was very cool!" - arts coordinator

"So fun!" -arts coordinator

"Thanks for the high energy music!" - arts coordinator

"Made me smile so much. Beautiful!" - arts coordinator

"Thank you! I'm looking forward to the upcoming showcases. These have been great. - arts coordinator

Questions about our Showcases? Ask us. 

Remote Arts Learning Showcase postcard with blurb, link and pictures of artists performing online