West African Drumming Workshop

Type: Workshop
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: PreK-12
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Sekou Sylla of Guinea, West Africa, teaches students some basic poly-rhythmic drumming styles and techniques used to play the main African percussion instruments: the djembe, djun djun, songban, kenkeni, log drum and African-inspired drums from the Caribbean and Brazil. They will also learn the cultural background and traditions associated with the instruments and the role of each drum within associated musical tradition.

Remote Learning Adaptation: In lieu of hand drums, students can use a pot, pan, box, (including oatmeal box), large can, bucket, plastic bottle, desk or table top, spoon, stick, or of course, any type of  percussion instrument on hand.

Length: 45 Minutes
Participant Limit: 25 Students
Curriculum Connection: African-American Studies, Multicultural Studies, Music, Physical Education, History and Social Sciences

Remote Stand Along Workshop: $200

Pricing: $175 per workshop (with one artist)

Travel Fee: $100

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts

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Visiting artist, available in person February 28-March 4 2022 (may be extended). This program is available online year round.