Exploring Klezmer: Ashkenazi Music and Songs

Type: Performance
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: K-12
Scheduling Request

This fun, upbeat, and interactive performance program introduces klezmer music, the Yiddish language, and instruments from three different instrument families. Klezmer music is Eastern European Jewish (Ashkenazi) secular celebration music. Students will have fun learning about different musical instrument families (woodwind, string, and brass) as they move and sing along to a lively set of traditional tunes played on clarinet, violin, trombone, and double bass. They will also enjoy learning about klezmer music and its significance in secular Ashkenazi Jewish culture both in Eastern Europe and in the United States as they define popular Yiddish words and sing along to songs with Yiddish lyrics.

Virtual program available live online for remote learning. Outdoor performances also available. 

Length: 45 minutes
Audience Limit: 300
Curriculum Connection: Jewish Culture, folk music, instrumental music

Video: Remote Arts Learning Showcase (Ezekiel's Wheels begin at 31:16)

Remote Single (Live): $925

Single Show: $925
Back-To-Back: $1,570

Three-In-A-Row: $2,220

Four-In-A-Row: $2,865

Travel fee: $100/day

Note: pricing may vary for weekend/out-of-school time

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts

Remote (live online)
School sets up link for remote meeting and makes the artists co-hosts. Screen share must be enabled, however please turn off ‘annotation’ feature. Artist may need to sign on 20-30 minutes prior to the meeting to check sound levels. A representative from the school must be on the call to spotlight artist video, facilitate Q+A and mute students as needed. Please introduce the performers as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts ensemble.



  • 4 reserved parking spaces (with 1 close to an entrance or access to loading zone)
  • 2 microphones on boom stands, and XLR input to speaker system (if available-please notify YAMA if not)
  • 1 music stand

Performance space: 

  • At least 10x10 feet with 10 feet between band and audience
  • Access to a power source

Arrival time before first performance: 45 minutes
Strike time: 30 minutes
Time needed between performances: 10 minutes

Please introduce the performers as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts ensemble.