Painting the River: The Art of Chinese Writing

Type: Workshop
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level: K-8
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Discovering the Art of Chinese Writing Through Interactive Music and Drawing

In a vivid sonic and visual journey, Shaw Pong invites listeners to draw pictures as she performs Chinese and original music on the violin and erhu. Following each song and creative drawing, Liu shares the visual history of each Chinese character based on the same subject - river, flower, and horse - showing how each character evolved from an ancient drawing over thousands of years. Liu joyfully shares the physical pleasure - and precision - of writing each Chinese character, as students have the chance to try writing Chinese themselves. Listeners will end the journey with a set of their own hand-made drawings and Chinese written characters!

Remote Arts Learning: Live online via your remote learning platform.

Length: 45 minutes
Participant Limit: 300
Curriculum Connection: Foreign Languages; History/Social Studies; Chinese language, music, and culture

Remote Single: $495
In-person Single: $640

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Remote (live)
School sets up link for remote meeting and makes the artist a co-host. Screen share must be enabled, however please turn off ‘annotation’ feature. Artist may need to sign on 20-30 minutes prior to the meeting to check sound levels. A representative from the school must be on the call to spotlight artist video, facilitate Q+A and mute students as needed. Please introduce the performer as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts artist.




  • 1 reserved parking space
  • 1 projector and projector screen
  • 1 microphone stand with boom
  • 1 armless chair
  • 1 music stand or 1 easel for display of large‐format posters

Performance Space Requirements:

  • Students seated on floor, if possible.
  • Prefer as intimate (small) a space as can comfortably accommodate all audience members.

Minimum space for performer: 5x8 feet
Arrival time before first performance: 30 minutes
Strike time: 15 minutes
Time needed between performances: 15 minutes


Grades should be consecutive.


Please introduce the performer as a Young Audiences of Massachusetts artist.

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