Type: Performance, Workshop
Art Form: Dance
Grade Level: K - 8

The Chhandam Institute of Kathak Dance (Chhandika), is dedicated to maintaining and contributing to the rich tradition of kathak dance, a classical storytelling art from North India. It is affiliated with the Chhandam Chitresh Das Dance Company in San Francisco, California, as well as the Nritya Bharati Institute in Kolkata, India.

Performances of Kathak Dance of Northern India  are performed by Anjali Nath or Shonool Malik.


Anjali Nath is the senior performer for Chhandika and is thrilled to be sharing the art of kathak with the young audiences of Massachusetts. Anjali is a senior disciple of Chhandika artistic director Gretchen Hayden and Pandit Das, and one of the most dynamic artists of a new generation of Kathak soloists. Known for her swift chakkars (spins), crisp footwork and delicate abhinaya (gesture), Anjali’s solo performances are rooted deeply in the Kathak tradition and dazzling to watch.

Anjali holds a Masters in Public Health from Boston University and a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University. She has passionately pursued her career in Kathak and public health simultaneously for over 14 years working with communities and engaging youth in leadership and activities to improve self esteem and overall health and well-being. Anjali believes in the art as a vehicle for service to society and a path to self-awareness available to everyone. As an artist and teacher Anjali strives to highlight the relevance, universality, and overall benefits of the multi-faceted art of Kathak regardless of age, gender or culture.

Shonool Malik
 Shonool Malik is a dancer, educator, arts/non-profit/higher education administrator and an avid world traveler. She has been at Chhandika for eight plus years and training under its Artistic Director Gretchen Hayden-senior most disciple of late Pandit Chitresh Das, and the Co-Director Anjali Nath. A member of its Performance Ensemble, she is committed to educating the community and next generation on the art form of Kathak. She has been performing throughout the greater Boston area at museums, festivals, schools and community events. She is also the Director of Outreach at Chhandika and Director for Creative Development at

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